UMNO International Club

UMNO International Club

On Oct. 8, United Malays National Organization International Club had their meeting at lower Olmsted Center. They are a small group of students under that represents Iowa for the club, that discusses issues in Malaysia and train to develop professional skills in every member especially for the corporate world.

This meeting occurs only when there is something to talk about, said Muhammad Fikri Ashraf Abdullah Hasin, the third president of UMNO International Club. They discussed about their possibilities to expand the club to other universities, especially in the Midwest region.

“This club is quite new, so having a lot of members of other states will help us make connections and expand our network with other people,” Abdullah Hasin said.

The president also hoped that the club could attract Malaysian ministers and the Prime Minister to come and meet them or even give a speech at Drake. Besides that, they also discussed about an event where they will play paintball together, as a way of enhancing team building while having fun. The game will be played within the next week at the Iowa State University Paintball, but with no confirmed date.

“Our main objective is to make our members to be really closer, and have a solid team in the future,” Abdullah Hasin said.

This event was prepared by Mohamad Haziem Hanafi, the vice president of program coordination. His role in the meeting is to explain about future activities and discuss which member will organize them. Hanafi said that there are no huge events to be done yet because of lack of funding, but they do have “The Tarik” sessions every weekend where they will invite a speaker to talk about anything they want to.

“Sometimes we invite professors from Drake to talk about specific topics,” Hanafi said. “We will have discussions between the members after that, and then have a Q&A session with the speaker.”

The meeting discussions were recorded by their secretary, Mohd Haziq Abdul Haris. He used his laptop to type things down, and will be edited and distributed to the members through an app called Slack. There, they will have deeper discussions between members and a Q&A session. Haris also sends emails to members of KULN and also to Malaysian Government whenever needed. These are the responsibilities he had to face while working in this organization.

“It’s not that easy to write for your own government,” Haris said. “The Prime Minister reads them. It would be embarrassing if there are grammar errors.”